When I read Stacy’s first post about giving thanks for the thirty days of November, I thought it was a great idea, wished I’d thought of it and was tempted to copy it.  However, being new to blogging, and also not completely ready to launch this site, I held back.  But then Stacy and Heather *invited* people to join in, and made it so easy, that I just couldn’t resist.   So I guess I’m really jumping into blogging now…

So here’s my Day One:

I’m thankful I read Stacy’s first post on this subject.  I have to confess that I actually wrote the Cannonball! post in this blog in September, but have been sitting on it.  Sometimes you just need the right nudge to jump into the water, and because of a few other gentle nudges in my life, this was the one that finally did it!

So this is short and sweet, but it’s here!  I’m proud of myself, and (of course) thankful!

Debbie 🙂