30-days-of-thanksI’m just glad that the Cub Scout Popcorn Pick Up day is done!  This is my fifth year coordinating the pickup and distribution of $15,000.00 of popcorn for our Pack, and just when I thought it was almost over, the unthinkable happened:  All of the final order sheets were wrong. 

What has to be done is that the Pack (Pack: all of the Scouts ages 6-11) order needs to be picked up from a warehouse and brought to our Sponsor’s gym.  Then we sort all of it into Den orders (groups of 5-15 boys) and the Den Leaders take their orders and distribute them to their Scouts, who then distribute the items to their customers.  It’s a lot of sorting and distributing!

So what I do is create Pick and Pack sheets for each Den, and volunteers help me sort them in preparation for the Dens to take home.  However, this year these sheets got messed up, and I didn’t know it until I had all of the popcorn waiting to be sorted and 15 people standing there in the gym waiting to help me sort it.  Talk about stressful!

I ran home to reprint all of the order sheets, and (Murphy’s Law at work here) that’s precisely when my printer decided to run out of black toner!  All while these people waited in a gym full of popcorn on a Saturday morning when I’m sure they had many other things that they would have liked to have been doing.

Everyone was great though.  I didn’t hear one negative thing, or experience one cold shoulder.  And my husband was the most supportive.  He helped me not beat myself up over it, which is huge for me.

 So today’s thankful post is that (in addition to being happy it’s over) I’m thankful and feel fortunate that I get to work with such a wonderful, supportive and understanding group of leaders in Pack 103.

Thanks guys!!