universeHave you subscribed to TUT’s Notes from the Universe yet?  If not, go there and do it now!  These Notes are what I’m thankful for today. 

When I first signed up to receive them a long time ago, I read the bio of the guy who runs the site.  I remember his story was inspiring, and that he was a really neat person.  But I have to be honest; since then I’ve quite happily and quite intentionally forgotten that these Notes come from anyone other than The Universe.  Every day when I sit down at my desk, The Universe gives me some little (or sometimes profound) snippet of love; and I prefer to think of it as truly divine.

Here’s today’s (which I loved):

Wow!! Your closest 10,000 angels, Debbie, have been writing up a storm on your WALL lately…”Nice job on the baby steps toward your vacation home!!! You should have asked for two!”

“Glad you’re finally visualizing! Thoughts become things!”

“Remember me? We took flying lessons together!”

Poke –
    The Universe

See?  How could I not love that?  The Universe thinks I am fabulous, so who am I (or anyone else for that matter) to argue?

And you know what?  You’re fabulous too!  So go get your Notes and start reveling in your fabulousness!