Today I’m thankful that L & E (just) turned down my offer to take them into NYC to see the Yankees’ Ticker Tape Parade. 

I offered because: they have no school today; they’re Yankee Fans (by proxy if the truth be told; Grandpa’s a huge fan, but we only watch when they’re in the World Series;) they’re at the age where they can appreciate it; and there’s no telling when the opportunity will be available again. 

I know I would have enjoyed the trip if they had chosen to go, so the offer was genuine. And in fact if they had taken me up on my offer, this post would be going the other way.  I’d be writing that I’m thankful I’m in a profession that allows me to be flexible with my time (which I am,) and a few other things.  But today I’m thankful that I can stay in my nice, warm house on a blustery day and tackle my To Do list.   I’m thankful I don’t have to fight the crowds in NYC, and I’m thankful that L & E are comfortable with their decision and are enjoying some time together in the next room while I write this post.

Congratulations to the Yankees, but I think I’ll watch the parade on TV.  🙂