OK, I know what you’re thinking:  I’m cheating by putting three days together.  And maybe you’re right, but either way, my 30 Days of Thanks is a blessing to me.  I do wake up every morning and think about what I can post about.  Some days I don’t eke out the time to actually write and post about it, but I do find something to be thankful for each and every day.


Sunday (my day 11) I was thankful for several things: 

     * Our favorite bagel shop for Sunday breakfast

     * Crunchy leaves to kick through on a long walk with my son and our dog

     * A mother- and father-in-law who have always treated me like a true member of their family (I’d say they treat me like daughter, but I actually have it better than their real daughters because I don’t get the ‘suggestions’ that parents give their children; I get all the good, but none of the not-so-good)

     * And a fabulous washer and dryer!   You may think it a weird thing to be thankful for a washer and dryer, but until you haven’t had one or the other, or you’ve had a pair that don’t work well, you may not be able to truly appreciate them.  I’ve experienced both scenarios at one time or another in my life, and trust me; if you have both appliances, and they work well, be thankful for them.  You have no idea how much easier your life is with those machines!   


Yesterday (my day 12) I was very thankful for my coach.  For part of the hour we spent together I shared a couple of insecurities that I have about playing bigger in the world.  You know, stuff like “I can’t do XYZ until ABC is in place.”  And, not only did she help me see that these feelings are normal, she shared some insights with me that energized and recharged me.  I left the session with renewed confidence in my abilities, intelligence and the value I bring to my client’s businesses.  I am fabulous!  I have to remember that and remind myself of it more often.  Thanks coach!


Today (my day 13) I’m thankful for something very material.  A new laptop!  It was just delivered about an hour ago via UPS, and I’ve opened it and plugged it in.  I haven’t turned it on yet because I have so many other things I need to get accomplished today before I play, but I’m dying to go and press that power button! 

I’ve never had a laptop before.  Every time I’ve needed a new PC since starting my business in 2004 I’ve looked at laptops, but have always ended up purchasing a PC.  I didn’t like the thought of a smaller keyboard and I absolutely detest those little touchpads that take the place of my trusty mice.  Of course I could have purchased a docking station to eliminate those obstacles, but if I did that, then wouldn’t I end up sitting at my desk like I had a desktop anyway?  For the portability factor, you say?  Ok, sure; there’s that.  But for the 2-3 times per year that it would come in handy to be able to grab my whole office (because as a VA, that’s what my computer is) and go, I didn’t think it was worth the extra expense (and quite possibly less oomph) that a laptop would entail.

So why the switch now?  Well, it’s not actually a switch, it’s a splurge.  My husband and I are going to share it.  He suggested the purchase and listed a few good reasons for it:  he needed a computer to use while at home; a laptop would be great to have around for when I travel to networking events; it would be useful for when we go on vacation; and we may even let our sons use it on occasion.  I’m keeping my desktop, and it will still be my primary computer,  but now I’ll have a laptop to try out to see if I like it better.  I’m looking forward to seeing if I like working in living room, or downstairs in the family room, or in bed.  Ooh!  Maybe Panera Bread for lunch someday!    Who knows?  Maybe I’ll be a convert.